America's Guardian Angels began in the heart of an 11 year old girl name Glennita in May of 2008, when her friend's father was deployed to  Al Kasik, Iraq. She emailed her friend's father as to what he needed. His reply to her e-mail was " I'm craving for some Twinkies." Glennita thought he was not the only soldier  craving for something sweet. So she decided to ask her 5th grade teacher and classmates to help her send the Major and his troop some Twinkies. In 10 days Glennita collected and shipped more than 1000 Twinkies to Iraq. The following year Glennita organized and presented to the entire school the collection of needed care items for the veterans at the VA hospital. Hundreds of items were collected and more than 160 care packets were made. Glennita arranged for her school choir to accompany her in distributing the care packets and rendering songs to the veterans. Her visited cause her to realize the tremendous sacrifice that soldiers makes to protect this country. A month after the veterans collection, she organized her school to collect Twinkies for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 3000 Twinkies were collected and shipped along with packages of coffee. Glennita desired to do more for the soldiers, so she  expanded the project from her school to her community. With the permission and help of the Mayor's office, collections of 20 different care items were collected throughout the community in South Holland , Illinois along with Twinkies and coffee for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, thousands of servicemen and women have benefited from her efforts and hundreds of veterans have received care packets during her hospital visits. What started out as a one- time project from the heart of a child has become a mission touched by an angel. Glennita  is now the Founder and President of America's Guardian Angels, a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation that is committed to the men and woman serving this country. Glennita believes these men and women are America's Guardian Angels. Our true heroes.